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Command & Conquer Covert Operations Cheats

Command & Conquer - Covert Operations

Hidden missions:
Start the game with the c&c funpark or c&c95 funpark command line.
Then, select the NOD missions to find five hidden missions involving

All units and structures:
Start the game with the c&c funpark or c&c95 funpark command line. 
Choose single player mode and win the Elemental Imperative mission.
All units and structures for the team you are playing will be unlocked
throughout a level. 
This allows you use Commandos, Chem Warriors, SSMs and Chinooks.

Protect units:
If you want to protect a certain units (for example, an ore truck) select
a vehicle then hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] then click on the unit you wish to 
protect. It will follow it around for protection.
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