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Caesar 4 Cheats

Caesar 4

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Shaharyar Shaikh
Submitted by: Haspa

Press [ENTER] while playing then type any of the following
cheat codes. 

Code               Result 
Denarii #        - Get indicated amount of Denarri
win              - Win Scenario 
Jupiter          - Hit selected units
fire             - Toggle fires
plague           - Toggle plague
earthquake       - Trigger earthquake
rain             - Rainy weather
moral            - Toggle military morale
requests         - Toggle requests from superiors
Savings [number] - Set current money savings
Unlock           - Unlock all 37 scenarios
Unleashed        - Lose current scenario
satisfy          - Toggle citizen dissatisfaction

Press enter during gameplay then type in the code:
Savings X - Get X amount of Savings (replace X with a number)

Submitted by: mriganka

When you have a large stock of food, then only start building the army, 
or the food supply will rapidly run out.
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