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Bird Hunter Waterfowl Edition Cheats

Bird Hunter - Waterfowl Edition

Codes that work in both the hunt view and the map view:
DGGOLDENEGG - makes birds more curious, less likely to spook
DGLUCKYDUCK - many, many birds :)
Only the map view:
DGBIRDSEYE - show bird icons
DGWARP     - allows hunter to teleport across map
DGDAFFY    - Ducks only 
DGMOTHER   - Geese only 
Only the hunt view:
DGEGGSACT   - stops gun wobble
DGFAMINE    - makes birds look for a feeding site
DGPREDATOR  - predator effect (like Trophy Hunter)
DGSNOWGOOSE - weather effects
DGTOUGHDAY  - Birds look for a rest spot 
DGYADAYADA  - Increase hunter talk
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