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Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Cheats

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

Game Cheats:
Submitted by: David K.

Coded Messages Locations:
Note: The quest unlocks after finding one of the four coded messages. All coded messages are
located in the DeLuxe Bathysphere showroom while completing the quest to make the repairs for
Suchong’s machine.

Coded Message #1:
Found inside the restaurant with a large “Medicine” tarp hanging over the sign. Look on the 
desk down the hall from the bloody surgery table and the Possess KO Mod. 

Coded Message #2:
Look in the back room of the diner marked with a “Food” tarp. On the desk, next to the safe
you’ll find a desk with another coded message.

Coded Message #3:
In the Bathysphere Service Bay, enter the flooded office beneath the hydraulics switch. Its
guarded by two auto-turrets. The message is sitting on the desk inside. 

Coded Message #4:
After Atlas gives his word to provide an Old Man Winter plasmid, return to the Test Drive 
near the beginning of the area. Knock on the door to Atlas’ little HQ, and enter the back 
rooms of the Old Man Winter plasmid store to find a desk with the last message.

After finding all four coded messages, return to the Manta Ray Lounge. Go to the far back-
left corner, behind the locked door or past the closed elevator to the Executive Suites. 
Look for three wine bottles in a display. Interact with all three bottles to unlock Atlas’
hidden lair.

1998 Mode:
Input the Konami Code in the Main Menu: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B 
[PS3: Circle], A [PS3: X]
In 1998 Mode, you’ll be challenged to complete Burial at Sea Part 2 with only nonlethal weapons
and powers. That means you’ll be limited to Tranquilizer Darts, melee knockouts, and the Peeping
Tom plasmid. Sneaking is the name of the game. Be patient, and quickly collect the Peeping Tom 
plasmid and its mods. Check below for locations.

Peeping Tom Plasmid:
Grab this in the locked Employee Only rooms at the back of Cupid’s Arrow. Find the store just
after leaving Ryan the Lion Preparatory Academy. 

Peeping Tom Mod #1:
Allows you to see enemies through walls at no Eve cost while standing still. Once you enter
the Bathysphere showroom area, break into the Service Bay offices [5 lockpicks required] and
enter the locker room in the lower floor. There’s a small office adjacent with the mod.

Peeping Tom Mod #2: 
Allows you to stay invisible while standing still at no Eve cost. Grab this in the Manta 
Ray Lounge, behind the locked door in the lower left corner of the huge open area.

Enemies will instantly lose you if you turn invisible. Hide, wait for them to turn around,
then melee to handle any situation. Collect money and make note of vendor locations. 
Tranquilizer Darts and lockpicks are the most valuable items in Burial at Sea Part 2 — 
especially lockpicks. Buy up as many as you can to avoid excessive scavenging.

To deal with tough Houdini Splicers, cloak and go for a Tranquilizer Dart headshot. A body 
shot will leave them stunned — move in and hit them with a melee attack to knock them out.
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