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Beyond Atlantis Cheats

Beyond Atlantis

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

* Feel free to try every puzzle several times. They are all

* If you get stuck in one area (such as Ireland or China), go try
  another and come back. 

* Move your mouse slowly over all areas. If anything is selectable,
  the cursor will change, even if only for a 
second. Use this to spot hard-to-find items.

Puzzle solution:
Load the "atlantis2.log" in the game directory into a text 
editor. Search for the text "mandalas" to find a section with
the heading "--- Solution Mandalas ---". The following lines 
will reveal the solution to the puzzle that requires the curtains
to be selected in the order in which the mandalas were placed 
on the disc earlier in the game.

You'll find a section such as this:

--Solution Mandalas --
Mandala 1: numero 4
Mandala 2: numero 6
Mandala 3: numero 5
Mandala 4: numero 1
Mandala 5: numero 3
Mandala 6: numero 2

This supposedly tells you what order to chose the curtains. In the 
above example, I believe you would click on the 4th curtain from 
the left first.
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