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Beast & Bumpkins Cheats

Beast & Bumpkins

Cheat Codes:
Before using any of the cheat codes, you must first enable cheat mode. To 
do this, type: "kneelbeforeme" during gameplay. Then press [F11] to bring 
up the console window in which you can enter in one of the following codes
for the desired effect.

Code           Effect
G           - in will give unlimited gold
[F1]        - I dont know what that does
[Ctrl] + F6 - shows full map
o103        - gives you more pesants in the form of children
o110        - Cow
C           - Duplicate object last created 

General strategies:
* Build or have at least one hut for every woman in your town. By doing 
  this, you will be sure to get population growth, and that is what you 

* Halfway through the second or third year, use up all or at least some 
  or half your adult males as Footmen or Knights. This saves males for 
  later, as they do not age as Guildmen and can later be returned to normal 
  bumpkins to aid in population growth when there are more women than men.

* Explore, preferably with Footsoldiers. Two Footsoldiers or three or four 
  Bumpkins is a good exploration party.
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