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Battleground Gettysburg Cheats

Battleground - Gettysburg

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Watch your organizations:
Use the "Show Organization" tool box button to keep track of the
various units to keep them within their respective command radius.
If at all possible, keep regiments within the Command Radius of 
their brigade leader, and brigade leaders within the command 
radius of their divisional leader. This helps prevent undue 
routing & disrupting, and aids in rallying.

Place your artillery units carefully:
Use the "Check LOS" tool box button to "test" the lines of sight 
from various vantage points. The more you have to move an artillery
unit the less use it can be.

Keep your reinforcements in mind:
Use the "Reinforce" pop-down menu to check on the arrival time 
and location of any reinforcements you're scheduled to receive 
(if any!). The proper use of your reinforcements, may be the key 
to winning or losing.

Keep a reserve:
If at all possible, keep a reserve, whether on offense or defense.
It just makes good common sense to have a readily available force 
to "plug" the gap created by an unexpected rout, or to have some 
fresh troops to throw into that breakthrough.

Watch your units facing!:
Facing in Gettysburg is critical (for infantry, cavalry and 
artillery). Always check the facing/formation icon for each unit 
as you select it (in the Unit List's icon display area). More 
than once I've had enfilade shots at opponent's units because 
they did not have them properly positioned.
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